Wash and Go Products

We know - we know - wash and go's aren't for you.  Your hair is too difficult.  You've tried it and it was a wash and NO.  That's for those other girls.  Your hair is 4c so no mam. 

Well throw out everything you think you know about a wash and go. 

Wash and go's are basically just setting your hair like you would any other style but instead of using a roller or a flexi rod you're using your natural curl pattern.  And in order to set - you need a product with a hold.  This is where gel comes in. Have you looked at your hair while it's wet and wondered why it can't just stay like that.  Well that's what a wash n go is -- and it is possible for you and for every other curly hair pattern.  And if you do master it you can achieve long lasting hair with minimal styling time without having to re-style mid-week.

But it does take practice and preparation.  We've combined some of our best selling wash and go products for you.  These are all SALON TESTED and proven to work across multiple hair textures. 

Want to really get your wash and go together - schedule a virtual consultation to get one on one advice.

Quick tips:

Hair detox: Often a wash and go doesn't work on hair that is saturated with heavy oils and butters.  Despite what you've heard about LOC - science is not a lie and oil and water aren't great friends.  For a full detox routine we recommend trying out I Am Black Girl Curls 30 Day Detox BEFORE trying a wash and go - especially if you love heavy oils and butter.

Practice makes perfect: You're probably not going to get it right on your first try because you've spent your whole life manipulating your curls into not doing what they do naturally.  Don't worry keep trying!!

Use more product: Oftentimes we're a little stingy and wonder why the style doesn't last but we have barely put any product on.

Follow the directions: Use product as directed.  Seems simple but hey...

Soaking wet hair: Wash and go's work on extremely wet hair to lock in the wet look.

Don't be afraid of the crunch:  Crunchiness means the hair is holding and the crunchiness will go away but it's what makes the hair last for several days.

Get a good cut: A hair cut is a dreaded thing for curly hair since shrinkage makes it hard to accumulate length.  But if you want to wear your hair out un-manipulated you need to have a shape.  A good hair cut will ensure your don't have weird hanging pieces and will correct length differences that occur based on multiple curl patterns in your hair.