About Us

The Brown Beauty Co-op

Product Junkie is a one half of The Brown Beauty Co-op a Washington, DC boutique that provides skincare, hair care and makeup for women and people of color. We created Product Junkie with the idea that natural hair shouldn't be that complicated and wearing your hair exactly as it grows out of your head should be a joy rather than a hassle.  Whether you're transitioning, newly natural or have been rocking your curls for years, this is the community for you.  Join us as we make naturally curly hair mainstream!


Our Founder:

Amaya Smith

Hi I’m Amaya,

And I’m a natural hair product junkie just like you. By day I work as a communications professional at a non-profit that works to advance equal pay for women, abortion rights and access to health care.

I started my career in politics and when I went natural it was always a big deal in the conservative workplaces of Washington.  These days it’s totally normal to see women across the workplace wearing their hair natural and taking charge.

While I love to shop for products any old place – I thought it was past time that women of color got to shop in an experience that is for us and by us.  And so I started The Brown Beauty Co-op with my partner and best friend Kimberly Smith, founder and CEO of Marjani.

If you’d like more information on The Brown Beauty Co-op visit us here