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Curl Crush Wash Yo Damn Hair Shampoo

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For those of you who have the co-washing blues - we've found your cure. Created by New York stylist Jaded Tresses, Tameeka McNeil-Johnson, AKA "The Curl Whisperer" after seeing clients come in with tons of buildup, this sulfate shampoo (yep it has sulfates on purpose) is designed to wash out all the trials and tribulations of product junkiesm.  Sulfates are designed to create foam and attract dirt in order to thoroughly cleanse your strands.  That means all the butters, silicones, oils, creams, clays, avocados, bananas and whatever else you're playing in.  Don't worry we're not judging.  Wash Yo Damn Hair is a way to start with a clean slate and ensure that your hair can absorb the next great product you choose.

Use once a month or as needed to clarify hair.


Coconut Tritanolamine, Purified Water, Plantaren, Goat's Milk, Conserver, Citric Acid, Lauril Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Neuter Colors, Fragrance.

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