5 Smart Ways To Spend Your Stimmy

(Photo credit: Office of the Vice President of the United States via Twitter)

Many of you may be getting a check or have already gotten a check from the recent legislation passed by President Biden and the Congress called the American Rescue Plan.  

This legislation is designed to help rebuild our economy after the hit of COVID-19.  But before you blow all $1400 (estimated check amount) on a post-Rona trip planned for after you're fully vaccinated - here are a few quick tips on how to spend that cash. 

1. Check out Kezia Williams of the Black UpStart for some easy courses and education on how to flip that cash into smart investments: https://www.instagram.com/keziamw/?hl=en 

2. Pay down debt - Yes we know it's not as exciting as a trip to Mexico but even paying off a little of your credit card debt helps to lower your interest payments. 

3. Buy stocks - There are lots of apps these days that offer stock slices which means you can buy a portion of a stock rather than having to purchase a whole share.  

4. Pay rent and other necessities.  Let's own our privilege and acknowledge that for some of us this is extra cash while for other's this is a huge lifeline.  That's ok.  Either way this money is needed to jump start our economy. 

5. If you have anything left over - buy yourself something nice from a Black owned retail store.  And of course we have a list. 

Nubian Hueman
Mahogany Books


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