Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Like many of you all we've been shook by what's been happening in our country.  Sadly we haven't been surprised but there was a part of us that thought that it couldn't get any worse than a global pandemic.

Well apparently it could.  Layer on top of Black people disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, incidents of police deliberately killing unarmed Black people and you have the makings of firestorm. 

Our country is in a moment of reckoning.  As a small Black owned business we've been struggling with what our role should be during this time.  With full transparency, our brick and mortar location continues to be closed and making rent and utilities is a real challenge.  But we also felt that as a business that brands itself to be for our people and by our people that we couldn't stay silent and we couldn't refuse to give what little we have.

That's why in this moment - we are joining other Black beauty entrepreneurs in the #beautyforblacklives movement to give back to on the ground organizations.  Specifically we'll be donating 10% of our sales this month to The Black Visions Collective, an organization that is organizing on the ground in Minnesota to create coalitions for change and justice.

While there is so much to be angry about - there is also so much to be hopeful for.  Black people and our allies are making our voices heard like never before.

A recent IG Live message from Morgan DeBaun, the founder of Blavity offered some encouraging words.  She instructed that while we can't do it all we can use our gifts and talents in this moment.  And so as a business with an audience, a following, and inventory - we're doing what we can to give back.

We want to thank all of you for staying strong in this moment, for your continued support and for the work you're doing to continue to uplift our communities.


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