How to Be An Eco Friendly Product Junkie

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The world is on fire (literally) -- and we all feel helpless -- so of course it’s natural to want to indulge in the things that make us look and feel good. But sometimes all those bottles of products can make you feel a little guilty about your carbon footprint.  Here are some quick tips on how to enjoy beauty products AND make less waste.

Use everything to the last drop – especially if it’s your favorite product – don’t be afraid to cut the bottle open!

  1. Swap products with other natural friends if what you have isn’t working for you
  2. Don’t give up on a product so easily. Sometimes it’s user error so try reading the instructions ( I know, obvious right?) or going to the product’s pages to find out more info on how to best use the product.
  3. Use more water!! Products stretch further when used with water and often that helps activate them. If you’re going through lots of conditioner – try using less conditioner on soaking wet hair.
  4. Recycle those jars. Don’t throw them out.  Take advantage of your local recycling program.
  5. Buy small. Often smaller brands have less manufacturing overhead and cleaner ingredients.
  6. Buy Black and brown. See above.  Black and brown businesses have less share of the market so often these products are more thoughtful about ingredients and don’t have the infrastructure to make products on the cheap.
  7. Look for brands that have recycled and recyclable packaging and use sustainable ingredients that are equitably sourced.
  8. Combine products to stretch your favorite products so they last longer.
  9. Donate unopened products to local shelters and other charities that may need them.
  10. Consult a professional stylist you TRUST to learn how to better use your products.
  11. Learn to love your hair and yourself and know that beauty doesn’t come in a bottle but comes from the heart.


That’s all fellow Product Junkies!

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