Reject the Narrative That Natural Curly Hair is More Difficult

There's this perception among naturalistas that everything about our hair is more difficult.  Wash day is longer - I mean we actually call it Wash "DAY".  Detangling is a pain and a chore --styling is frustrating. 

We complain to fellow curly heads, we enjoy commiserating together and even whining.  We're prone to hollow threats about going back to the creamy crack or straight hair.  Who exactly we're threatening I'm not sure!  But the internal and external conversations about our hair are too often negative.  When psychologists thought long and hard about silencing your inner critic - they probably had no idea how much negative self talk was actually being uttered out loud by women with curly hair.

Can you imagine if someone else talked about your hair like you did -- or talked about all curly, kinky hair in that way.

Part of going natural or wearing your hair in its natural state is often about reprogramming your own thoughts.  We live in a culture where straight, long hair is King and we've been taught to tame our unruly hair to be acceptable for public settings such as church, the workplace and even our own bedrooms around our intimate partners.

Being your natural self means intentionally rejecting these messages and replacing them with positive ones that affirm that your hair is ENOUGH.  Repeat that with me.  Your hair is enough.

So next time you think about bashing that crown on top of your head - instead replace it with positive affirmations.

Yes my hair is thick!

Yes this shrinkage is a thing of magic!

I love the way it smells!

I would not trade this hair for any other hair in the world!

My hair is as unique as I am!

Say it with me: YOUR HAIR IS ENOUGH!


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